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Danik Beauty Academy


Discover Danik Beauty Academy

Danik is dedicated to graduating students with the knowledge, skill and ambition to rise to the top of their chosen profession. In just 5 to 6 months, their Skincare and Electrolysis Programs can pave the way to career options that once seemed unattainable.

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Addressing the Client Needs

Danik Beauty Academy needed a fully developed Informational, CRM Conversion and Learning Portal, Integrated together. With the Assistance of their Graphic Designer, I completely designed the website from concepts sketched. The main site is backed by a customized WordPress CMS, while their CRM (Infusiosoft) is Seamlessly Integrated into their pages. I also Installed and Configured a Moodle Portal for Online Classes as well.

Web Design





  • Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida
  • Project Type: Web Design + CRM  + Learning Portal
  • Platform: WordPress + Moodle
  • Industry: Health & Wellness
  • Launched: August 2015
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