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Truth Dive


Discover Truth Dive

Several fundamental changes have taken place in the South Asian region in the Social milieu, empowering the citizens. However, they find the media to be still sensational and old-fashioned run by opinionated corporates or political parties. They are committed and proud to enter this space with an objective of bringing fundamental change.

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Addressing the Client Needs

TruthDive lost over 10,000 Articles going back to 2008. They enlisted my help to recover and redesign their website to a more Responsive news design. While the main focus was to recover all of the posts as I could, I set them up with an easy to use theme . The posts were recovered, along with ates, categories, tags, and images and properly reimported back into a WordPress installation.

Web Design





  • Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Project Type: Web Design + Recovery
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Industry: News
  • Launched: September 2016
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