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Wessel LED Lighting System

Simply a Bright Idea


Discover Wessel LED

Wessel Lighting has been producing high quality lighting throughout Europe since 1972. In 2009, Wessel LED Lighting Systems opened a manufacturing facility in Fort Lauderdale that continues the tradition of producing innovative LED lighting with the same commitment to rigid Quality Control Standards.

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Addressing the Client Needs

Wessel LED needed a serious upgrade from their previous platform to allow potential clients to see their products while at the same time allow them to easily manage and update their products on their site. The main site is backed by a customized WordPress CMS, while their view-only E-commerce is managed by WooCommerce.

Web Design





  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Project Type: Web Design + E-commerce
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Industry: Home Improvement
  • Launched: July 2014 | August 2015 redesign
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